AltYod™ eBusiness Solutions. R.R.Dist., Hyderabad, Telangana 500086. INDIA

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AltYod™ was founded in the year 2017. In the same year it launched its very first webdesign eSolution portal Then, it started to plan and initiate an eCommerce store involving research, product data collection, design, and development and making sure all things related to eCommerce are in place before its launch. – Digital Design Solution is a digital design solution portal owned and maintained by AltYod™ eBusiness Solutions, that currently offers multiple website plans, website add-ons, and graphics design packs. These solutions are best suited for enterprise and individual businesses. Customers can choose website design plans from Basic to Advanced to eCommerce to a Blog plan. It is a platform that offers webdesign solutions to small to medium businesses from registering a domain to customizing the website to publishing the ready-to-view website for business owners.  Also, it offers website add-ons to existing customers that allows them to add more email accounts, plugins, website maintenance service, ecommerce products maintenance, and SEO services. AltYod™ also offers, graphics design packs that comprises of design solutions for branding, marketing, presentation, promotion, and complimentary give-aways design. – An eRetail Store (eCommerce) is an eRetail Store, owned and maintained by AltYod™ eBusiness Solutions, that currently offers products such as clothing, mouse pads and mobile phone cases. One can order these products from this website for their personal use and by the corporates for complimentary gifting. Eventually, intends to add and offer a wide variety of products to the existing products list. Currently, these products are shipped thru out India.

The print designs on products are 100% original. One can choose the print designs for clothings, mouse pads, and mobile phone cases that speaks to them. The store provides a simplified browsing experience for viewing of products.

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